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isn’t it weird to think that if you were raised differently, if you lived somewhere else, if you said yes to that boy who asked you out in eighth grade, or if you played a different sport your life would be completely different? One little thing, one little choice can change your entire life.

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Engagement Photos
By giac1061

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Don’t start an argument with a girl because they all have 45020194 GB memories and will bring up something you did at 14:23PM on 23/04/2007

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why get thinner when you can get more dinner

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Joy To The Girls palette by Too Faced


Joy To The Girls palette by Too Faced

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Time is like a river. You can’t touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.

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me: I should go shower now
(five minutes later)
(another five minutes later)
(yet another five minutes later)
(more five minute intervals)
someone: (goes into the bathroom)
me: wow fuck you I was JUST about to go take a shower


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